Řetízkárna in the media

The first official meeting of the friends of Řetízkárna also caught the attention of the media. An article by Petr Kozohorský was published in Mladá fronta DNES, which reflects both the intention of the initiators of the rescue of the former muggle dressing room, as well as the cooperation with the Krušnohoří Destination Agency and the cross-border dimension of the project.

The first official meeting of the friends of Řetízkárna

The last weekend of March belonged to Řetízkárna. Supporters and initiators of the reconstruction of the former mine changing room near the former Rovnost mine gathered in Jáchymov to discuss, among other things, the purpose of the project.

The Řetízkárna festival will be!

Last year, we started a public collection on the Donio portal as part of a cultural event called (NE)Festival Řetízkárna. We are happy to announce that this year we will follow up on the successful zero year, on Saturday, June 3, 2023 , i.e. symbolically on the anniversary of the abolition of the Rovnost labor camp ( June 1, 1961 ).

Second chain brigade

On the third Sunday of January, the second “chain-brigade” was held. With the help of volunteers, the Political prisoners.eu association managed to clean up not only the main building of the chain locker but the roof of the rear section as well.

We received financial support from the Karlovy Vary region!

We managed to get individual financial support from the Karlovy Vary region for the winterization of the Řetízkárna. Active helpers cleaned up the building this week and prepared it for the next event. Thank you to both the region and all the workers on site!

Support of Zdeněk Mandrholec

Mr. Zdeněk Mandrholec is one of the last Muggles who actively support our initiative. He went through several labor camps in Jáchymov region. According to him, the terrible time associated with the atrocities associated with the previous regime should be constantly remembered.

Paleček’s castle

PALEČEK’s castle The so-called Paleček’s castle is a 150 centimeter tall garden miniature of a Gothic castle. Its torso still stands in the area of the former Jáchymov uranium mine Rovnost I. The building is part of the extensive Jáchymov mythology, Muggle legends and historical misinterpretations. According to the oft-quoted speculations of some publicists and …

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We are releasing a spot!

Help us save the ruin of the former “chain” changing room near Jáchymov. Let’s transform together the last authentic building on the territory of the largest Czechoslovak uranium camp into a community and educational center. Let’s create a new space where we will devote ourselves to education about the Ore Mountains, their inhabitants and the traumas of the 20th century. It will become a place for meetings, organizing cultural events, summer schools and, last but not least, also a base for walks along the renewed educational trail Jachymov’s hell. Exactly such a place is missing in the region…