The walking season has been successfully started!

We consider the walking season officially started! Marcel Vajnar led the first group along the educational trail Jáchymov’s hell.

During the three days, psychology students also visited Stole No. 1, the church of St. Jáchym, with a special interpretation, they walked around Jáchym accompanied by an eyewitness Mr. Goldmann and on the way back to Prague they stopped at the church of St. Anna in Sedlec, the reconstruction of which the guide Marcel is taking part in.

We thank Gallery n. 1, Jana Kyjovská from Cafe 1516 and the deputy mayor of Jáchymov, Lada Baranek Lapinová, for actively participating in the program. We appreciate it!

If you are interested in a similar authentic experience, do not hesitate to book your walk here .