The labor camp Rovnost in Jáchymovsko was one of the 18 biggest Czechoslovak penal labor camps established by the communist regime to mine uranium for the Soviet nuclear program.

In 1960, the camp was abolished and razed. Today, a cottage settlement stands in its place. The mining area at the Rovnost shaft was also demolished. The uncomfortable past of this place was to be completely forgotten and for a long time there was no reminder of it.

The entire area of the Rovnost mine and camp is today protected by UNESCO. The last building in its original state is the “chain changing room” called as “Řetízkárna”.

The building was used as a changing room for the prisoners, who hung their work clothes on “chains” inside and hauled them up to the ceiling to dry.

Our goal is to rescue “Řetízkárna”.

our goal

The building is rapidly deteriorating, it has no windows and recently the roof collapsed. We see not only its incalculable historical value, but also its enormous potential as a place of memory for the dignified commemoration of history, a space for sectarianism, listening and forgiveness.

We managed to buy the building in autumn 2022 (more here). Now we want to repair it and turn it into a community center for education about the Ore Mountains, its inhabitants and the traumas of the 20th century. The space should also be a place for meeting and organizing various cultural events, summer schools and also a destination as part of walks along the renewed educational trail Jachymov’s Hell.


Currently we have to pay back a loan of 300 000 CZK, which we took out in order to buy the building into the ownership of the Political At the same time, we are facing the challenging task of roofing the building and starting to sensitively reconstruct it.

We intend to obtain the necessary financial resources through the association’s own activities (lectures, excursions, workshops etc.) and also through public support through the “Řetízkárna” account.

If you can, donate any amount using a QR code or a classic bank transfer to the following account:

Name of the bank: Raiffeisenbank a.s.
Name of the account: Političtí vě
Account(payments in CZK): 5976831001/5500
Notice to recipient: Saving the “Řetízkárna”

We will gladly issue you a donation contract for your financial donation.

THANK YOU. We appreciate all your help. The community around “Řetízkárna” is still growing. Join us!

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